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In June of 1999 I decided to get a puppy after not having a dog for several years I had been out of work so I thought it would be a good time.

I started going to the Human Society every other day, I knew I wanted a German Shepherd or a mix of Shepherd and I wanted a black puppy.

After about 2 weeks of looking she was there on a Friday and I knew she was the one but I wanted my husband to meet her and I have 2 stepsons that were small at the time. We went to see her on Saturday
but my husband wasn’t sold on her so we left.

Sunday morning when I woke up I said I was going to get her and we hurried down to the shelter. When I walked in a man was holding her and looking at her so I acted like I was looking at another puppy after he
put her down I grabbed her and left very relieved that he hadn’t adopted her.

It was best decision on a dog I ever made.
Rhonda Teel, Kodi's Pet Guardian

Kodi's Natural Pet Foods

Rhonda Teel, the owner and a Phoenix native, is realizing her dream of opening a store that specializes in
all-natural pet food. She has lived in the Madison District neighborhood for 21 years.

When Rhonda's dog Kodi became ill with cancer her oncolgy veterinarian Dr. Betsy Hershey recommended
that Kodi have either a diet of all-natural pet food or home cooked meals. Rhonda immediately tried Kodi on Solid Gold dog food a brand that has all-natural ingredients.

Teel said, "I was astonished at how quickly Kodi responded to her new diet. The all-natural pet food helped Kodi so much that I switched all my pets to it.

Rhonda went on to say, "The difference it makes for your pets to have food with all natural ingredients is amazing. We look for natural and organic foods and products for ourselves, so why not give our pets those advantages too?"

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