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New at Kodi's: Canna-Pet
CBD capsules, oil, and biscuits

Canna-Pet From Kodi's Natural Pet Foods

Canna-Pet® is the global pioneer of cannabinoid products for dogs and cats.
  Canna Pet

Canna-Pet Studies

The Canna-Pet® team passionately produces veterinarian recommended, legal, cannabinoid (CBD) nutraceuticals for animals.

Our proprietary products are made from hemp extracts and manufactured in our USA labs and cGMP facilities to ensure the presence of not only CBD, but also two dozen other volatile cannabinoids and terpenes– in precisely formulated ratios.

Our products are rigorously tested for their consistency, and guaranteed safe for your pet. More information is available on the Canna-Pet website.

Which product to choose?
A suggested dosage guide is available on the Canna-Pet website at this link.

Our most popular products, used by pets worldwide since 2013, are our capsule products.

Sprinkling the contents of the capsule into your pets normal food or onto a treat is an excellent means of providing Canna-Pet®. This allows the product to dissolve in your pet’s mouth as they eat. Canna-Pet® powders, when used in food or treats, are designed to be absorbed in the mouth AND in the digestive tract.

Our Organic Biscuits are a secondary means of cannabinoid nutrition, and were introduced in 2014. They can be given more frequently and as a treat. The Canna-Pet® in biscuits is processed differently because it is primarily digested in the stomach. The biscuits take longer to metabolize the CBD, and thus lower levels of cannabinoids are available to your pet for a longer duration.

Compared to capsules – biscuits are lower cost, lower concentration, and higher servings are required.

Biscuits are a very popular organic treat before traveling, going to the groomer, or when guests come over.

Many dogs thrive with a few biscuits during thunderstorms, fireworks or excessive noise.

How do liquid products compare to our existing Canna-Pet® products:

Liquid products have more rapid effect. They are also metabolized rapidly, and should be fed 3-4X daily.

If your pet is not eating reliably, and you are not comfortable feeding capsules, liquid is an easy option. Our liquid MaxCBD is very popular as an adjunct to capsules for those who need the highest CBD levels for their pet.

Canna-Pet® Industrial Hemp is NOT the same
as Medical Marijuana

And that is part of why our Canna-Pet® Hemp Products provide safety and results that are nothing like other “CBD treats for dogs,” “cannabis for companions,” or “CBD Oil for pets.”

Since 2013 over two dozen companies have popped up copying our name and products, but none can match our guaranteed results or our low price to the consumer, our exclusive cannabinoid diversity, or our revolutionary delivery direct to your pets ECS.

It has long been established that our products start with the most active CBD, but what truly makes them unique are the significant Entourage Effect and the high bioavailability only Canna-Pet® products obtain.

Some are holistic vets in it for the money joining the “green rush,” some are medical cannabis entrepreneurs looking to bake treats for dogs , while others simply white label ineffective CBD products designed for people and sell them for pets with a paw print on the label.

Unfortunately, what we have discovered is that many of these newcomers are using medical marijuana and “medicinal hemp” as substitutes for true industrial hemp because of their limited understanding of cannabinoid science and genetics – the two plants are NOT the same for your pet, and definitely are not regarded the same way by law enforcement or medical practitioners.

Canna-Pet® is the only cannabinoid nutrition company in the world that:
  • offers veterinarian recommend products covered by major pet insurers;
  • guarantees our industrial hemp products are safe for your pet;
  • uses exclusively organicEuropean hemp;
  • provides precisely formulated ratios of numerous cannabinoids;
  • uses a gentle, proprietary refinement process in our laboratories;
  • delivers a cGMP product with unique abundance and variety of phytochemicals;
  • delivers 10-15X the bioavailability of other CBD products;
  • provides a money back satisfaction guarantee.


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